Don't Get Scammed By a Plumber

Don’t Get Scammed By a Plumber

Quite a good number of plumbers are honest about their work and prices, but not all. The dishonest ones will make you spend unnecessarily and can as well damage your property. 

The plumber’s scam is less detectable, and you can find yourself carried away before you understand what’s happening. To protect your plumbing systems and your wallet, get to know how Sunshine Coast Plumbing Company operates. You will be able to stop a scam before it happens.

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Backing off in giving details

Honest plumbers will show their licenses, insurance, and accreditation without hesitation. Some have all the details a client requires to prove their authenticity from their website or business cards.

If a plumber hesitates and gives excuses for why they can’t show their credentials, that’s a red flag. Another sign is some of them will eventually show their license number after much probing. If this happens, check with the license board if their license is valid. If they do not have anything to hide, honest plumbers from Sunshine Coast Plumbing Company will gladly show off their credentials.

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Insist on Cash Only

Stay away from plumbers who insist on cash only without showing any invoice or giving a receipt for the work done. Some of them do not want to pay taxes, while others are either not licensed or insured. If you hire such a plumber, you are at risk of covering for any damages that may occur and have no guarantee of getting your money back.

Large upfront payment

Another scam is a plumber asking for a large deposit before starting the job. Although this scam has been for a long time, homeowners do not detect it because paying 50% of the job beforehand seems normal. Remember, it is equitable to have free money since they have not done any work, and it becomes easy to walk away. When you give them such a percentage, you lose the upper hand as the client.

There are laws in different cities that require a plumber to only get 10% of the payment before starting work. Do not fall for their excuses of buying supplies and being wary of cheating clients.

Varying Estimates

A plumber can estimate some plumbing jobs over the phone, such as unclogging the drains. A plumber from Sunshine Coast Plumbing Company will give an estimate upon inspecting the job. Insist on a written estimate because some may push you to allow them to work and give you the total cost later. Waiting for what they estimated verbally before starting the job and what you get after the job may have a big difference.

Triple cost of materials

Homeowners always want quality materials for their homes. Have a discussion with your sunshine coast plumber the things they need for the plumbing job and get a copy of the list too. Go to the hardware, ask for the prices, then compare with the plumber’s estimates. Keep in mind they also want to make a profit, but that shouldn’t make them triple the cost. Also, as they install, check the brands to ensure they match with what’s on the list.

As a homeowner, be warned about plumbers who cannot show their credentials, give estimates before seeing the scope of the job, are dodgy with how much they charge, and want more than 10% of the payment upfront.