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We do all parts of office renovation. Flooring, ceiling, lighting, any type of addition to office. The breakout space is essential nowadays for modern office. Another area to work away from the normal office desk.

Understanding the distinction splendid work spaces have on personnel attraction, retention, well-being, productiveness profitability evokes us to create & make certain the impeccable shipping of our clients’ work spaces in the UAE. We supply workplace plan & build, workplace healthy out, workplace refurbishment & full workplace relocation tasks with a good-sized trip in speedy track, constant fee tasks in occupied workplace spaces. Our group apprehend the science of work space & have an exclusive activity in supporting serviced places of work & like-minded organizations include the developing want for relaxed, agile & bendy work space.

office fitout


Specialized in Business centers & Office fit-outs in Dubai. we make your inventive work area that glasses your image & advances a valuable & important plant that reflects the design of the stylish innards. Our office Primex administrations offer start-to-finish arrangements, including Joinery, custom carpentry, IT results, etc., from arranging & planning to cabinetwork & manufacture. A married undertaking director regulates all to guarantee a smooth vehicle. Our enthusiastic office fit- eschewal workers, have numerous times of involvement & do to develop & bedazzle with each office space across a compass of areas. You are finished with your particular prerequisites, giving a slice-edge working terrain that upholds representative & customer requirements.

Lately, Urban Science has delivered colorful business centers & company head diggings in the heart of the megacity Dubai with exceptional Joinery, custom cabinetwork & dynamic MEP & IT results.

We work with all of our guests to help them achieve their environmental pretensions & ameliorate power. Working terrain that provides & produces inspiring workplaces that enhance positive health & happiness while also delivering operational savings by lowering mileage costs when having an office innard fit out to suit Dubai conditions Our platoon of experts in marketable fit, be it stylish interior controversy & Interior fit- out constricting will unite with you to produce a design action plan acclimatized to your requirements, budget & schedule once this is in place. A professional design director will oversee the entire process from beginning to end, icing that your idea for a Dubai office fit-out becomes a reality. You can be confident that by using our office fit-out services, your office will have an implicit terrain that also serves as a good reflection of your company.


Primex is one of the stylish fit-out contractors in Dubai. We’re an expert & endured Interior fit-out platoon furnishing acclimatized results for services, caffs, hospices, retail stores & other marketable spaces that speak of luxury, invention & aesthetic appeal. We provide full assistance in interior office fit-out, commercial refurbishments & turnkey systems.

We’ve highly professed specialized platoon for all Interior & Exterior Fit- out, wall & ceiling workshop, wall & ceiling cladding, ornamental workshop- wallpaper installation, showpieces, 3d Art, oil, Marble decorative workshop, flooring works- Pipe setting, determinedness, marble, Parquet etc.

Commercial & Hospitality Interior Fit-Out

  • Office Interior Fit-out
  • Government Establishment
  • School/ Colleges Interior Fit-out
  • Retail/ Boardwalk Interior Fit-out
  • Warehouse Interior Fit-out
  • Alcoves fitout
  • Hotel Interior/ Exterior Fit-out
  • Restaurant Interior Fit-out
  • Gym Interior Fit-out
  • Resorts Interior Fit-out
  • Healthcare And Medical Office Fit-out

Fit Out Services

Primex systems are a significant part of the addition or refurbishment of the innards of your business. It’s a process of metamorphosis that will eventually allow for better use of space. This generally involves some renovation work that changes the layout of your office.

When fit-out companies in Dubai take on office fit-outs, they transfigure a space for office purposes. Office renovation varies from an empty shell of a structure to a blank oil that needs personalization through effects like glass walls & bespoke kitchens.

Why Do You Need Fit Out Services?

Primex is an interior renovation fashion that makes the inside of your office space match your requirements. When designing an office, fit-out advisers in Dubai & that keeping the platoon’s productivity in mind is essential.

A well-planned & organized office will increase productivity & help produce an atmosphere where staff feels enjoyable, motivated & enthusiastic about their work. Office renovation companies in Dubai make open areas for recreation where staff can relax & sputter during rest is a great way to encourage platoon livelihood.

Shifting or expanding your office is a big decision that will affect numerous aspects of your business. There are multiple processes fit-out contractors in Dubai go through. including need assessment, property hunt, leasing arrangements, conception design, fit-out, information technology operation. internal change operation, relocation planning & customer dispatches.

Our Guarantee

The fast pace of business in this region means there’s an ever-adding demand for commercial space fit-out, refurbishment & renovation services in the UAE. As fit-out advisers in Dubai, Office Design Fitouts creates bespoke results for various office spaces, including refurbishments, adjustments & contract works across domestic & marketable systems.