How Much Do Painting Services in Dubai Cost?

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire Painting Services in Dubai? 2023 Guide.

The cost to paint a house can go anywhere between 200AED to 6000AED depending on the area. Further, small tasks like kitchen cabinets can increase the price up to 8000AED. There’s no doubt that every house needs remodeling time by time to maintain its credibility. Sometimes you want to paint your villa, department, or office but haven’t an idea about the cost of painting in Dubai.

From average cost to the actual cost of painting a house, you need to know about all aspects of a paint job. Painting rates in Dubai can be different, so that’s why you feel confused about hiring a house painting company. No worries about it; we listed an infographic below for our client to know the approximate painting cost in Dubai.

Factors That Decide the Cost of Painting

There are significant factors that matter to the cost of painting in Dubai.

The rates of different paintings are not specific:

Area: The cost of painting services depends on the size of the area that needs to be painted.

Labor: One of the most important things for the cost of painting is labor which means how many painters are required for the paint job and how many days they will take.

Tools and carrying: As with other jobs, the painting job also needs equipment including paint brushes, ladders, materials, primer, paint, and the charges of transportation services.

The cost of the paint: It depends on your choice. What paint brand do you like for painting your home or walls? It should be a white or off-white paint that you need to apply in your house but the brand and quality of the paint are the factors that affect the cost of painting services.

Coats of paint: The painting services offered by primex always take care to the homeowners to apply double coats of paint in their house. The more coats of paint will be charged extra money because of the usage of paint.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Someone to Paint in Dubai?

Some important things determine the cost to hire someone to paint in Dubai such as the size of the area, pick and drop services, number of days, the number of painters for the job, etc.

The painting contractor will help you to decide the best paint for your home or villa. Usually, the average painting cost in Dubai is between 120 to 200 AED/ day. It will include the equipment and transportation services.

Professional Painter Prices in Dubai

Professional painters in Dubai charge AED 10 to AED 20 per square foot. They can also charge per hour rate for a professional paint job and carry their team members to your home. In some luxury living areas, the price of a painting might be high.
Experienced painter’s total cost:
Labor: 85%
Paint and materials:15%

‘’The painting service price can be dissimilar because of the size of an area and paint job requirements’’.

Painter Cost Per Hour for Labor

Painter cost per hour in Dubai is normally charged from 16 AED TO 25 AED. If you want to get your paint job done with a per square calculation, the rate will be 8 to 15 AED.

Per Day painting charges

Hiring Painters will cost 128AED to 200 AED per day. The painting companies usually charge per square foot and hourly rate. Otherwise, the overall project price is already decided by clients.

New Construction painting charges

Painting a new construction in Dubai costs 8 AED to 15 AED per square foot. If you contract with the painting company as a general contract it might be included in the total price of your home.

Residential Painters Cost Per Project

Residential painters cost 550 AED to 15000 AED for the complete project. But the prices depend on the homeowner’s needs.

Questions About Painting Price

Is The Cost of Painting in Dubai Excessive?

The feeling of the house makeover can bring a smile to your face. But the lack of knowledge about the estimated price of painting a building maybe disturb you. Before submitting a painting request, you need to know all about the paint job that will help you to get your work according to your plan of decorating the property well.

The home renovation contractors have a wide range of paint colors. They suggest the estimated cost and the best paint for your home that will increase the value of your space. The rate of painting a complete house or a single bedroom can differ, but we are sharing the estimated costs for both.

How Much does it Cost to Paint Per Sq ft (Room Interior Painting)?

Before selecting a paint brand and color type you need to estimate the amount that you are going to spend on painting your interior home.

The painters normally charge an average of 6AED to 15AED per square foot for painting a room or interior home painting in Dubai. If you want to put a figure on the exact rate of painting, use the painting cost calculator.

Still, thinking about how much area can cover a painter in a day?

How Much Area Can Cover a Painter in A Day?

Painters are well trained to do their jobs as per requirement. They can paint an area that you need expediently usually professional painters can cover 60-90 square meters in a day. Timely-driven projects make us one of the best painting companies in Dubai.

Are Villa Painting and Apartment Painting Costs Same?

No, villa and apartment painting costs are not the same. The painting cost of a villa or apartment depends on two factors, area size and the painting service you want. Different sizes and types of services will need you to pay more.

The villas painting job can include the following:

  • Textures
  • Stencils
  • Landscape Painting
  • Wood Painting
  • Outer Wall Painting
  • Metal Painting

And repainting to fix existing paint that needs a new look. The jobs are different and maybe several companies charge divergent amounts. For example, the cost of an apartment painting in Dubai that is small by size will be less than an entire apartment painting. It may increase the charges for painting services in Dubai to apply extra coats of wall paint.

2-bedroom apartment painting cost

The 2-bedroom Apartment Painting cost in Dubai is 1200 AED.

How much does it cost to paint a one-bedroom apartment in Dubai?

One-bedroom apartment painting cost in Dubai starts from 850 AED to 900 AED.

The cost of painting for few rooms

If your home is updated but few of the rooms still need to be painted, then the cost of painting can be 400 AED to 500 AED. It depends on the size of the room and the paint cost will be included if you have not purchased it yet.

Painting rate per square meter

The painting rate per square meter in Dubai is 8 AED TO 15 AED. But it depends on the size of your room. If the room is 10 by 10 that means 100 sqft. You can convert sqf into sqm by applying this formula. 1 square feet (ft²) = 0.09290304 square meter (m²) = 0.3048 x 0.3048 m.

What are the labor charges for painting a home?

The labor charges for painting in Dubai are 15 AED to 25 AED. It might include equipment and tools for the paint job.

What are the charges to paint a villa in Dubai?

The cost of painting a villa in Dubai depends on the requirements that a homeowner wants. A ten-by-twelve room will be painted at the rate of 700 AED.

How long will it take to paint my house?

The average size of a house in Dubai is 1,116 sqft which can be painted in three to four days. It might include two stories and four bedrooms that need a team of three painters to do this paint job at the same time. A house large in size can take five to seven days to paint.


Your home needs maintenance after some time, whether it is a minor or a complete house makeover project because of the harsh weather. Therefore, when you feel your property paint is becoming dull then you need a fresh coat of paint. Also, the cost of painting in Dubai is not sky-high. So, contact get in touch with the best painting company in Dubai to make your house walls colorful and attractive again.