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Get a deal on high-quality Epoxy flooring, by the best Epoxy flooring contractors in Dubai. Food & Beverage industries flooring contractor in Dubai. In fact, we are the Low VOC Epoxy flooring applicators in your area. In general, we provide a flooring solution for all kind of business in Dubai. We are also an Interior Decoration company and have completed lot of Home renovation projects in Dubai, UAE. Moreover, we use products, which are Eco-friendly and no harmful content. We are expert in all kind of epoxy or resin flooring in Dubai, have executed multiple projects.

Our Rates for Epoxy Flooring

  • Epoxy re-coat on existing epoxy floor, our price is AED 50/ sqm.
  • Floor which does not needs any surface preparation, our starting price from AED 65/ sqm.
  • For Floor which needs surface preparation, our starting price is from AED 95 / sqm
  • Self Leveling Epoxy Flooring, our prices starts from AED 135 / sqm.

DFT (Dry Film Thickness)  of our Resin Flooring

  • Generally the re-coat the DFT is around 100-150 microns.
  • For New Flooring the DFT is 250-350 microns.
  • Usually, self leveling epoxy DFT is 2-4 mm, depending on the floor condition.


Odorless Resin Floor Painting

Sometimes, we have specific requirements for the food industry to use odorless epoxy flooring. In that case, we use Mapefloor FC 200, Mapei Brand.

Epoxy floor coating, before and after.

If you are planning for epoxy floor coating on a new surface. Always follow the epoxy paint manufacturer instructions. To make sure the epoxy coating lasts for a long time. For the new concrete floor, if it is mandatory to apply epoxy primer on a cleaned

Furthermore, once the fillers are applied and cured, you must get the surface sanded, especially with the floor polisher machine and water. Moreover, it is not mandatory to use water, while polishing the surface, we do it due to the dust problems. Now the application

Floor polishing for epoxy flooring Dubai

In general, after floor polishing, we usually apply the epoxy base coat and the topcoat. Sometimes, after applying the base coat, we need to do some touch-ups with filler. Generally, the epoxy floor coating dries up in 6- 8 hours, but it depends on the room temperature, you are applying in. We are the professional epoxy flooring contractors in Dubai. Moreover, we are catering to the needs of industrial epoxy flooring, warehouse epoxy flooring, Office and Home Epoxy Flooring in Dubai. Furthermore, being one of the responsible epoxy flooring contractors in Dubai. We prefer advising our client on a complete painting procedure, avoiding problems on epoxy flooring in later stages.