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Glass Partition & Frosting services in Dubai

The Glass partitions are very often used in Dubai offices because it gives a vibrant look, soundproof cabins occupy less space regarding thickness and easy to clean all the sides. The glass wall provides natural illumination and transparent atmosphere. In fact, after glass partition, the office looks more prominent, when we use the glass walls instead of gypsum walls. The Glass walls are also easy to mount with minimum noise and dust. It is common to see a glass partition in Dubai. We are one of the trusted office renovation contractor in Dubai

A professional Glass office partitions supplier.

We are a professional Glass office partitions supplier in Dubai. We ideally use 10 mm glass and is frequently used for glass office renovation in Dubai. The reason for using the 10 mm thick glass is because it is less dense than the 12 mm thick glass. Furthermore, you can see the below image of Glass office partitions without decorative film and frameless glass doors. We also do office relocation within UAE; then we can help you with the cheap and best glass partition solution.

An office glass partitions without decorative film and frameless glass doors.

Now, on the below image you will get the look and feel for the same office, with frameless glass doors and a decorative film installed on it.

disadvantage of installing glass walls is as follows:

  • Transporting glass walls are delicate, it is much more substantial than an ordinary gypsum wall.
  • Any modification upon receiving the glass walls on the site is not possible.
  • Always, prefer installing decorative film on glass walls. If left without frosting or a decorative film, it may cause an accident.

So, it becomes essential to do frosting on glass considering visual aspect. Such as gray stripes on the glass wall instead of full decorative film. The gray color is the most used stickers or decorative film, available in the local market. I prefer to apply Korean make, or European make decorative films because it gives a perfect texture and stays longer than other films. If you want to use decorative films by yourself, then refer to this YouTube video or else we will be able to assist you to fix the frosting sticker or decorative films professionally in Dubai.

To install a glass wall or a glass office partition in Dubai may cost you ranging from AED 360- AED 820 per square meter. The price varies considering material and quality. You may get a glass wall partition work and a very cheap rate sometimes, but the reason for them to offer at such a low price is using low-class material and fittings. A standard glass door can cost you ranging from AED  1000- AED 3500, If you go for glass doors ranging AED 1000- AED 1500, then the fixture will be of inferior quality. If you want proper renowned brand fitting such as Dorma, Geze fitting then it will cost you above AED 2000/-.