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Best Kitchen Renovation Service in Dubai

To make sure that your demands and preferences are met, our skilled kitchen designers pay close attention to what you want to say so that they can design your Kitchen in UAE in the best way possible. If you live in Dubai or any part of the UAE, our installation crew can help you.


We can provide you with great handle-less kitchens

Handleless kitchen designs are popular with individuals who want to create a place inspired by modern living, thanks to its focus on simple color palettes, architectural features, and intelligent practicality. Handle less kitchen inspiration ranges from understanding how to include geometric accents and planning strategic lighting to creating a contemporary and precision-made design in your house or any other location. We also provide unlimited color options for our kitchen in Dubai.

The increased penchant for smooth, streamlined interiors has fueled a recent renaissance of the handleless kitchen. As a result, home remodeling is an excellent long-term investment. A handle-less kitchen will never go out of style because of its timeless elegance. In the United Arab Emirates, we can design a kitchen that meets your needs.

You can always visit our showroom

We’d love to see you. To get to our kitchen showroom in Dubai, go to Exit 44, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE, to learn more about our high-end kitchen and wardrobe products, as well as our sinks and faucets. If you have found the chance, stop by our Dubai showroom to see what we have to offer. Also, if you don’t find the chance to pay us a visit, we are always ready to go to your home and talk about the kitchen design that you have in mind.

Various Home Appliances for your Kitchen in UAE

In addition to being beautiful from the outside, a kitchen must also be practical from the inside. In the end, your personalized kitchen will be functional for you because it is tailored to your specific requirements and tastes, regardless of the design you choose. As one of the kitchen equipment suppliers in the UAE, we always try to provide our customers with premium appliances.

Kitchen Design Services

We have a team of skilled and creative designers and salespeople ready to assist you in creating the kitchen of your dreams, providing only the highest quality service that will far exceed your expectations. Our team will handle your kitchen project from start to finish, as we understand that this may be a highly personal undertaking.

Why Us?

As one of the kitchen companies in the UAE, we can bring your dream kitchen in UAE to life and so that it exactly meet your expectations. We can help you with anything from the ceiling to the floor to the lighting. Creating the kitchen of your dreams is not difficult for us and that’s why we’re here. With Our Touch Reality technology, you can see the design of your kitchen before we start the actual work and you are free to change it until you are completely satisfied. Also, we provide you with absolutely free design and consultation and rest assured that the durability and quality of our products are guaranteed.

If you want to design your kitchen, it may be expensive and time-consuming. However, turning a vague concept into a well-thought-out design for a new kitchen might be difficult. The good news is that you may take advantage of modern technologies to make the procedure easier. It is possible to design a kitchen layout using kitchen design software or a kitchen design app so that you can see how it will look before you buy it. With our Touch Reality technology, you can design your dream kitchen in minutes.

Your kitchen’s functionality and resale value will improve if the design is done correctly. Because of the cost, efficiency is important. We can design your kitchen for free. You’d like to know how to do this? If you have any questions in mind regarding kitchen design, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We can design your kitchen in a way that you get the most out of your available space

The kitchen serves various functions in the modern home and is often referred to as the “heart” of the house. Think about what happens in your kitchen regularly and how that affects the arrangement.

Consider setting up a dining area in your kitchen if you want guests or need a place to work on homework while the meal is being prepared. There should be a separate area in the kitchen for your pets, especially if you keep them there. Make sure to think about how each space will work independently and together if you’re designing a large family room with a kitchen and living room. Don’t know how? Then consult with us, we can design your kitchen in minutes.

Visualize Your New Space

Even if you’re looking to make a few tweaks to your kitchen, our technology can help you see how several designs will look in your area. Select a layout and add appliances by entering the size of your kitchen. To achieve your dream kitchen, you can experiment with various cabinet styles, floor coverings, paint colors, and backsplashes.

Get Ideas from Primex

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas and Designs are available to assist you in choosing the right style for your home. A new coat of paint, new countertops, or a colorful new backsplash to accent your sink or stovetop can all help you freshen up the look of your kitchen. Don’t pass up the opportunity of free designing your kitchen.

Schedule a Free Consultation and Design your Kitchens

Alternatively, you may plan a meeting with a T1 design professional or visit our store for additional assistance. To assist with your decision-making, you can obtain paint and flooring samples from local retailers or the internet. It’s possible to design the kitchen of your dreams using our touch-based technology. See how your kitchen will look in a professional rendering after setting room size and choosing cabinets.

We are a Kitchen Renovation Company in Dubai with Extensive Expertise in High-Quality Work

In terms of kitchen design, our installation specialists are well-versed. They are capable of handling a full kitchen redesign in your Dubai residence. Your Dream Kitchen may be brought to life with our expertise, whether you just need new engineered floating hardwood flooring and granite countertops installed, or a complete wall has to be removed to rearrange the footprint of your room.

Our construction and design teams give meticulous attention to details at every home we remodel in Dubai and other parts of the UAE, who ensure that no minute details are overlooked. All of our work is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, no matter how big or little your kitchen is.

Client-Centered Kitchen Renovation

Many customers choose us to manage their kitchen renovation Dubai needs because of our extraordinary customer service. We are one of the best kitchen remodeling companies in Dubai because we have been in the business for a long time.

We are dependable, and our Dubai-based team is dedicated to making the kitchen refurbishment Dubai as simple and stress-free as possible while delivering only the best outcomes within your budget. Please check out our website if you’re thinking of kitchen renovation in Dubai.

Customized in the way you want

The kitchen is considered the heart of many houses. Thus this area must be welcoming and customized to fit your lifestyle.

Every kitchen remodeling project begins with creating a model based on your ideas with the aid of our Touch Reality technology so that you can see exactly what the finished product will look like and change whatever you want.

Our experts will work in a manner that minimizes the impact on your home throughout a kitchen remodel. In Dubai, we’ve become one of the best remodeling businesses by finishing renovations on schedule, maintaining a clean and tidy work area, and providing constant communication during the project. We understand the importance of a well-executed project that considers all aspects of the job from the outset to the conclusion.

Why Should You Go With Us for Kitchen Renovation Dubai? 

The kitchen is often the first place people turn when they’re ready for a makeover. To benefit the most from your kitchen remodeling Dubai, you need a contractor who has the experience and competence to get the project done perfectly the first time around. Thanks to our team of experts, we can make your dream kitchen design a reality.  There are many good reasons why you need to choose us for your kitchen renovation Dubai.

Don’t Waste Time

We are fully aware of how precious your time is to you. As a result, we must do the task quickly and within a specific deadline. Kitchen design and refurbishment in Dubai is our specialty. In addition to providing unique kitchen designs, we have a long history of providing this type of service. We strongly urge you to get a professional to handle this task.

Spend less money

You can save a lot of money if you hire us since we eliminate the middleman. You’ll save a huge amount of money and time by working with a reputable kitchen design company. As a result, you’ll be able to spend more money on other necessities. We guarantee that you’ll get the best kitchen design available from us. Feel free to call us! Here’s the number: +971 4238 6488.

Varieties of Designs

Don’t you know what your suitable design is? As you can see on our website, we’ve completed some of our work. We’re here to assist you in designing the kitchen of your dreams. From the beginning to the conclusion, we will be here for you.

Advantages of Kitchen Renovation

Here are a few more advantages of renovating your kitchen that you may not be aware of:

  • It saves money on energy costs
  • Enhancement of functionality of the kitchen is achieved.
  • Provides sustainability
  • Comfort and Safety will be improved

However, nothing in life is as easy as it seems. Kitchen remodeling in Dubai is not an easy task. If you hire a professional, many of the following problems you face can be fixed sooner, so it might be worth it to remodel a kitchen.

Is it worth it to remodel a kitchen?

1-Lack of Storage and Absence of usable worktop space

Having too little storage space can be a huge problem, and it can cause a mess, confusion, and a myriad of other problems. There are instances when you need to be resourceful and develop creative solutions since you don’t have enough storage space. Even in a tiny kitchen, installing wall cabinets and a spacious base is possible.

Even in the most constrained places, you have a wealth of creative and innovative ideas. It’s a good idea to think about installing some covert spice racks or drawers.

Inadequate counter space is a major issue when redesigning a kitchen. Even if you have plenty of room, you may have trouble getting it exactly where you want it.

Almost every kitchen task necessitates the use of a worktop. And it’s the most critical part of any kitchen redesign in UEA. And for this reason, I suggest that you consider all of the possible uses for your worktop when creating the design. You’ll gain both flexibility and a solid foundation due to this.

Some Other Solutions: 

  • Add a cake stand and some shelf risers to the area.
  • The stovetop may be transformed into a workspace.
  • Buy a kitchen trolley and a suitable drying rack for dishes

2-Dysfunctional kitchen design layout 

It’s important to start by drawing up a layout for the new kitchen. If you don’t plan the arrangement of your kitchen correctly, you’ll have a tough time using it.

You’ll soon lose interest in your task when such a drab environment surrounds you. Before you do anything else, figure out what you want and need for yourself. The layout and workflow should be designed in this manner.

Some Other Solutions:

  • Instead of cupboards, consider using shelving.
  • Make use of the small openings (narrow gaps) in the kitchen
  • Put an under-sink drawer

3-Some people choose appliances last

Choose your appliances last and you’ll make one of the most common mistakes in kitchen design. When planning a kitchen, it may be more enjoyable to start with the cabinet arrangement and countertops, but always choose your key appliances first and then design the plan around their size. You’ll be unhappy if you order cabinetry and then discover that your kitchen can only accommodate an oven that is 24 inches wide. Be on the lookout for these warning indications that your fridge is on its way out.

4-Insufficient lighting

Another common issue that arises renovating a kitchen for cheap is a lack of enough lighting. To highlight the parts where you prepare the meal, you must have adequate lighting. Hob, counter, and sink all fall within this category.

A lack of extra lighting for the worktop allows the cabinets or wall units to cast shadows directly onto the surface. This will make it harder to do activities like slicing, cutting, etc. because the area will be obscured. Warning: This may be more dangerous than you realize!

Some Other Solutions: 

Natural light should be increased.

Add more light sources

Under-cabinet lighting will help you see the work surfaces better and remove shadows.

Light up your drawers with LED strips or LED tape!

5-The amount of traffic in the kitchen

Before renovating, you must consider all aspects of your kitchen’s use. There are occasions when multiple individuals cook simultaneously in the kitchen.

Renovating a space should give adequate room for two or more persons to work simultaneously. In the end, you don’t want anyone else’s feet to come in the way of your own.

Here, we’ve outlined five common issues that arise and make this question bold for us” Is it worth it to remodel a kitchen?” and how to solve them. As we previously stated, it is easy to get rid of these issues during kitchen renovation if you plan ahead of time and consider the solutions.