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Questions About Villa Renovation in Dubai

Better and effective communication with the interior designer, architect, or contractor of a certain villa design or renovation establishes a smoother process. Remodeling a home is an exhilarating process for both clients and professionals who will be working on the project. However, beyond the excitement, there are important questions about the villa renovation process that needs to be cleared out especially for the clients’ side.

Villas should be designed and tailored according to clients’ preferences and needs. These particular needs may change and diversify occasionally which requires a more versatile villa design solution to avoid unnecessary improvements or minimize renovation costs. However, at at least one point, a small modification or even overall renovation might be needed to upgrade the living spaces and provide a more comfortable living experience. Regardless of the scope of the needed home improvement, it is essential to know the process that is suited for the project. We prepared a list of commonly asked questions about the important sights included in the process that might be helpful to your projects.

Common Villa Renovation Questions Answered

Appointing the right professionals to do a villa renovation or modification can be crucial. So e asked some of the best in the business for their advice and prepared a list of commonly asked questions about villa renovation and the process that might be helpful to your projects.

How to choose the right contractor for me?

Picking the right contractor or anyone who will be involved in the project might get a bit hectic. Being a critic of these professionals’ previous works and experiences, additionally, a visit to an actual project site would be a great way to know their grounds and capabilities. An in-person meeting to discuss the proposed project would be nice to learn about their perspective, suggestions, and solution.

How long will it take for completion?

Asking about a direct estimate of the timeframe and including it in the contract would be a prudent way to secure the completion date. Ensuring to avoid delays, may it be unprecedented, needs an additional clause in the contract stating a penalty for late handover or any unfinished work.

How much will it cost?

To be ready with a full costing for a proposed project is precedence. It is ideal to keep a record of material and furnishing samples to effectively probe quality, preferences, function, and value. The contract must also stipulate a defect liability period, usually within 12 months, which will require the responsible parties, such as contractors, to mend any snags without any additional cost to the client.

What are the usual payment terms?

It depends on the terms agreed upon by both parties but mostly follows three segments of payment terms. The usual payment percentage division on renovation projects parts to 40 percent upon contract signing, 50 percent payment on completion of the specified scope of works, and finally 10 percent after a successful snagging. There are still some additional variables on these particulars which extend on the BoQ and VO of the project. Secure well-documented arrangements and quotations regarding these two variables to avoid discrepancies on the budget and might negatively affect the project phase.

What are the required licenses or permits?

A commercial license from Dubai Economic Department or DED, as the relevant mainland authority, varies in different types of licenses that may be required. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority also provide licenses for contractors working on electrical alterations which work includes DEWA application and approvals. The construction industry licenses in Dubai include building contracting, building maintenance, wrecking and demolition, steel constructions, and many more. Specific works such as internal modifications in residential and commercial structures which demand structural alterations and require general fit-out need a valid trade and professional license to manage the engineering, design, and project management undertakings of the project. As per the free zones, they have other accounts on license requirements.

What are the insurances a contractor should have?

Note that capable and trustworthy contractors or parties that should be involved in a villa renovation in Dubai must have an all-risk insurance policy that offers and covers the protection of physical works, coverage compensation on labor work and injuries sustained on-site by workers, damages to the client’s property remuneration, and ability to choose and meet the precise needs and requirements for the completion of the project.


The assurance of complete prerequisites in accordance with both clients’ standards and the government’s regulations on permits, insurance, and documentation regarding the company’s legal right to operate, and to complete a project. An assessment of the company by probing testimonials and finished projects, and having a clear perspective and comprehension of the villa renovation process are very significant.

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