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A Guide to remodeling your home in Dubai

Whether you want to refresh a dated design or thoroughly revise, collude out you’re every home with our expert to top to toe renovation

Still, it’s the ideal script to carry out any central workshop before you move by. If you’ve just moved into your new home, putting your particular stamp on it presumably tops the want list. We asked some original experts for their top tips.

Top to toe or not?

Julian Straube, says: For utmost people, concluding a complete remodel is what makes a house their home. We explosively advise our guests to do everything at the same time. Of course, there’ll always be a specific quantum of discomfort and vexation from noise, dust, etc., so it’s better to get everything done in one go. It also makes further sense regarding the contractor’s access to an empty apartment or manor, the fixed costs involved, and any warrants. Inventor NOCs and government reality blessings come with a time limit. It only makes sense to go back and forth for multiple design blessings if necessary.

Jason Kotecha, says: It’s far less disruptive to have all your needed emendations done at formerly and means some of the more invasive jobs similar as greasepaint coating of doors, tiling of staircases, replacing an entire kitchen and changing external doors can be done at the same time with no bone in situ. You can also get more significant supplier discounts for a larger order when ordering accouterments. If revamping further than one bathroom, for illustration, the pipe destruction computation will be lower as the remaining penstocks from the first bathroom can be used, which means a cost saving.

How long will it take?

Paul Philmore, says For a complete manor addition, allow around ten weeks for completion.

Julian We factor in design and blessings as taking up the bulk of the first many weeks, so this could stretch a relatively- sized apartment to two months. It’s imperative to work with a contractor that gives a realistic timeframe and considers fluid circumstances, similar to expiring rental agreements and moving deadlines.

Jason A bathroom renovation can take as long as four weeks if there are a lot of walls to remove and plumbing to dislocate. A kitchen takes, on average, four to five weeks. It’s far more effective to label platoon multiple room emendations. For illustration, with a bathroom design, the shower glass can only be measured after the penstocks are installed. This means there’s a one-week gap where no work can take place. Still, if there’s more than one bathroom, the platoon can move on to the coming one to keep the design moving.

Choose your contractor

PaulIt’s essential to do your due diligence when considering which contractor to go with. Immaculately, you would get a reference from someone who has used the company ahead. Google reviews are a great source. I would also check whether the company has a portfolio, as that paints enough good picture of what they can deliver. You can always ask to view one of their completed systems. Incipiently, the age of a company is another good index of trustability. We get a lot of inquiries from jobs that were stopped or halted interior due to either the contractor closing down, fading, or the work quality being well below introductory norms. A company with request life gives a confident assurance that the design will be finished.

Jason, Check if they specialize. A lot of contractors are a Jack of all trades. So, they will take on commercial services, apartments, and estates but not specialize in any of these or any one area. However, you’ll find that they’re experts in working with a specific inventor on blessings and over to speed with the colorful rules and regulations If you find a contractor that does specialize. In addition, they will know a lot about the colorful manor types, their structures, and ‘unique oddities,’ similar to how they were wired, how the plumbing’s done, or how the walls are supported. That means a lot lower threat of incurring retired charges latterly on.

Material matters

From one-stop-shop structure accouterments providers like, homegrown tackle and home enhancement stores similar as RAK Pottery and Danube Home, to big box brands including ACE and IKEA, there’s no deficit of coffers to suit every budget and aesthetic. Specialist retailers include MAS maquillages for makeup inventories, Iconic Home, GROHE, Bagno design, and Ideal Standard for high-end kitchen and bathroom results.

Do it yourself

Still handy with a hammer and paintbrush, and your remodeling plans don’t involve structural work or a megacity permit. Also, a DIY result may be just the ticket, If you’re on a budget.

Step 1 Chart what you want to change, refresh or redesign and assess what you can do yourself and where you need to hire expert coffers.

Step 2 Visit Dubai’s multitudinous structure accouterments suppliers and tackle stores to compass out what you need, from kitchen closets to makeup to door handles, to put together a reasonable budget.

Step 3 Get quotations from original handyperson services or good specialized experts needed for the bigger jobs and put an attainable design timeline in place.

Home renovation do and don’ts


Negotiate a reduction with your contractor for a more extensive complete manor design instead of a lower space design like a bathroom remodel. Suppose precisely about committing to a top to toe addition. Unless the contractor can give 3D visualizations and direct you to a select number of recommended suppliers and be there for support, a complete home renovation dubai can be extremely stressful and daunting. Use a different neutral color palette if you allow longer-term resale occasions. With a diverse national blend in Dubai, everyone’s décor taste is different, so neutral is a safe bet.


Anticipate the process to be the same as in your home country. Different rules, regulations, and timelines apply depending on the design compass. Just conclude with the cheapest quote. Do your due diligence to find a company that you feel comfortable with.
Go for natural rustic flooring. It doesn’t last well in the moisture and is subject to damage from oohing A/ C units and daily mopping.

Top addition requests

Julian-aged parcels and kitchens are generally the first areas that bear addition, especially those of medium quality firstly. Plus, they tend to date veritably snappily. The ultramodern trend for open-plan kitchens is also why guests want to revise. Bathrooms are coming on the list, mainly because the standard specifications that came with the original figure are frequently reasonably introductory. Numerous people want to make a strong style statement as a particular intimate space. The maturity of new shapes comes with a standard finish, so there’s no individuality or character. There are also frequent issues with layout functionality. We’ve worked on numerous upgrades and layout changes to ameliorate usability extensively.

Jason far as bathrooms go, the greasepaint room is frequently a top precedence, as this is what your guests use. Piecemeal from the extensive systems, installing new flooring, and oil doors and walls are in-demand services.

Paul More and more guests are also requesting extensions and I-fold style doors to open up spaces to let in further light and air.

Add value

Jason, Instead of simply making your apartment or manor fit an unborn buyer’s profile, invest in designing a tasteful home that suits your requirements. To appeal to a broader request demographic regarding the resale appeal, stick to a neutral color palette, particularly in penstocks and kitchen closets. Many guests we work with have stretched themselves financially in buying a property and need more money to commission a complete addition. So, they tend to purchase estates with a neutral color scheme that they can live with while saving up to patch to their taste.

Paul, You want your home to be comfortable. Still, any variations must be pretty general regarding taste situations. You also want to ensure that you have all the proper blessings not to jeopardize unborn trade eventuality. Banks and lenders are decreasingly pertinacious about having the correct paperwork.

Julian, Common sense must prevail when investing in a complete addition. For illustration, if you patch your home to a five-star luxury standard but it’s located in a two-star structure, it needs to make more fiscal sense. In general, revisions still increase property value and boost implicit rental inflows.

Getting the green light on your addition

Dubai’s domestic communities and inventors may have different conditions when applying for permits from the colorful government realities involved, says Paul Philmore. Check out his roster.

Your contractor will start the ball rolling by drawing detailed plans and getting the correct insurance to submit to the applicable government authorities.

Factor in executive/ NOC freights – from 500-,000 per operation, depending on design compass and attestation urgency.
A refundable deposit is generally needed before issuing a No expostulation Certificate( NOC). This is reimbursed upon completing the workshop and following a total health, safety, environmental, and community compliance check.
Dubai Municipality blessings( including architectural/ structural delineations, affection plan, and permitted area schedule) are the coming step, but only formerly did you have the NOC.

You’ll also need a contractor entry permit, which can be applied for once the NOC is issued.
The design NOC must be displayed and ready for examination outside the property while the workshop is being carried out. Your contractor will also need to give a skip for any design garbage/ discarded accouterments.