apartment renovation services in dubai

Apartment Renovation Services in Dubai


Luxury Primex Design performs absolute solutions towards every interior design for an apartment by conducting the most systematic fitout services. This multi-national fitout company has introduced world-class fitout design executions that open great possibilities in the new architecture and interior fitout innovations. Having its expert and experienced team the Luxury Primex Design always extended its capacity to discover new designs and ventures to be able to meet the high satisfaction of every client. Luxury Primex Design is the only company in Dubai that has the great vision to bring out the most remarkable apartment interior deisgn thru the most outstanding performance thru fitout services.

Elite Apartment Design by Luxury Primex Design is the creation of an ideal environment with luxury accents. We will create a cozy oasis in the bustling metropolis, where the warmth of home comfort will delight every day. Using modern technology, we create a unique, beautiful design of floors and ceilings. The apartment interior will reflect your high status, respectability and impeccable taste.

Interior design affects the mood of the inhabitants of any apartment. This is the reason, why so much attention is paid to it. Many people try to create interior design projects by themselves, but usually, the result is not satisfying, so the best way to solve this problem is to turn to specialists of our Company for help.

It is not easy to find a reliable specialist in the field of interior design even in Dubai. But there is no doubt, which if you turn to our Company for help – you will be provided with services of exceptional quality as soon as possible. The specialists, working at Luxury Primex Design, will do their best to create the design of apartment or house, which will correspond all your requirements.

Our designers will provide full control of the task, during the process of interior design creation. More than that – we will help you to choose furniture, decorative items, appropriate colors, etc.

Types of design projects

There are three main types of design projects:

  • Conceptual design;
  • Project plan;
  • Decoration project.

The first type is the easiest one. It contains the following information: the project design and the calculation of materials and equipment, which will be needed during the work.

If you want to change the appearance of the premises, you should try the second type of design project. Our specialist will offer you a complete plan, where you will find all the necessary information for a redevelopment of rooms in your house or apartment.

If you have a desire to change the appearance of the interior (for example, if you don’t like it, or you are tired of it), then the decoration project will help you! This service is recommended when the client wants to change the exterior of the room with the help of new design solutions. This service will not be too expensive because there is no need to perform major repairs.

A separate direction in apartment design is to create a studio apartment renovation & decorating ideas. This is a unique opportunity to implement the most creative ideas of designers. Studio apartment design is based on the harmonious combination of an ideal organization of space, absolute comfort, and perfect functionality. Studio apartment ideas are usually improvisation in a contemporary style, the use of smart home systems and strict correspondence to life rhythm of a real estate owner in Dubai.