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Kitchen Remodeling Cost In Dubai

Kitchen remodeling cost is a very critical issue that has to be addressed in order to determine if the project will come out as envisioned.

  • Are you remodeling a small kitchen or a big kitchen?
  • What are the changes that are going to be made?
  • What kind of finishes does prefer, high-end (expensive) or easy on your pocket ones?

Remodeling represents an investment in the quality of life by the homeowner. We are basically talking about the most expensive thing most people own. The place where homeowners will spend more than half of your life.

Kitchen Renovation Budget Leakages.

Kitchen remodeling costs cannot be based on the exact prices unless you are very sure about what quality you want. At start it has to be based on estimates until you decide each and everything and its quality.

Kitchen Budget Leak #1 :

A lot of unexpected expenses may pop-up after kitchen renovation is started due to a lack of planning by the home renovation contractor.

Kitchen Budget Leak #2 :

There are other factors that can affect the prices of renovation projects. The quality of kitchen cabinets, accessories, and top it tiles is directly proportioned to your budget. The cheaper the cost of such accessories or tile cheaper the bathroom remodeling budget is required.

Kitchen Budget Leak #3 :

Kitchen remodeling costs can be determined after consulting a contractor but hiring the cheapest or below average kitchen contractor can get you to pay more than expected.

How Do We Renovate For Our Client As Per Their Kitchen Renovation Budget?

As a home renovation contractor in Dubai with over 18 years of experience, we first try to understand our client’s requirements, and then as per their budget, we suggest them renovation options.

Basic Kitchen Remodeling Cost:

The area of focus on where the changes are going to be made can be different areas. It can be on the kitchen paint, changing counter-tops or adding more storage space to your kitchen. All this pretty much determines how much kitchen remodeling will cost you. For ideas on these, you can refer to my blog on kitchen remodeling ideas in Dubai. You discover what works for you or see the variations and vast choices you have.

Such a small kitchen renovation may cost from 1000 AED. In 1000 AED you can paint the kitchen, fix some plumbing issues etc.

Disclaimer: Kitchen renovation cost can vary as per the size, existing structure etc. We have provided the above-given price for a small kitchen in Dubai.

Mid-Range Kitchen Renovation Cost:

if you are looking to just give anew look to your kitchen without spending too much on it then the vinyl wrap is one of the sustainable and cheapest options to give a new look to your kitchen. Vinyl wrap price starts from 1500 AED

Most Expensive Element Of Kitchen Remodeling And Its Cost

Kitchen remodeling costs in Dubai can be as small as cost of renovating a small studio apartment kitchen to as big as an 8 bed-roomed villa. So we have to look at how small or big is the kitchen? What is the amount of materials that will be needed and what type as well?

1- The most expensive element of any kitchen remodel is usually the cabinets.

Are you removing kitchen cabinets completely, spray painting or applying kitchen wraps to the existing ones?

2- Secondly, the most expensive aspect of kitchen remodeling is new appliances. One need to analyze if there is a need for a full replacement.

3- The counter-tops, and tiles are the next greatest expense. It also depends on the finishes you are choosing, is it marble, porcelain or granite.

Complete kitchen renovation cost for a small kitchen in Dubai (kitchen of a studio) may cost you some where between 10,000 AED to 15,000 AED. Above mentioned factors hugely impact the budget of your kitchen renovation. We have done kitchen renovation for all types of budget.

Disclaimer: Kitchen renovation cost can vary as per the size, existing structure etc. We have provided the above-given price for a small kitchen in Dubai.

Are You Hiring Interior Designer For Your Kitchen Remodeling?

It is very helpful if you hire a kitchen designer. An experienced designer can help you make clear distinctions between your wants and needs in a full kitchen renovation project. Thereby getting a clear estimate of how much kitchen remodeling will cost. Make sure that you prioritize the problem areas first. Consult with our experts to understand how you can work towards a beautiful and functional kitchen within your budget.

General Kitchen Remodeling Cost Allocation:

This is based on research that was done by a ‘kitchen association’ determining the kitchen renovation cost and allocation for a full project;

  • Hardware and Cabinetry – 29%
  • Installation Charges – 5%
  • Ventilation & New Appliances – 14%
  • New Counter-top – 10%
  • Flooring – 15%
  • Lighting – 5%
  • Minor Changes to Ceiling and Walls – 5%
  • Windows and Doors – 4%
  • Design Costs – 4%
  • Plumbing Costs – 4%
  • Other Miscellaneous stuff – 5%

This shows an example of the kind of changes that can be focused on in your kitchen remodeling. The kitchen remodeling cost will be determined by different factors. The design chosen, finishes selected and storage space that needs to be added to your kitchen. In many kitchen renovations, homeowners ask us to change the flooring as well.

In conclusion, deciding on this and allocating some money can only be done after knowing what your needs are and also doing alot of consultations. This falls under kitchen remodeling plans as per my previous blog as well. Always remember that there should be a 5%- 10% contingency on your budget to prepare for unexpected outcomes. Be sure on what you are focusing on. Experts can give you the right estimates to move on with the kitchen replenishing project accordingly.


How Much Kitchen Remodeling Cost In Dubai?

Kitchen remodeling cost can range from as small as 999 AED and can go as big as 60,000 AED. Mainly it depends on kitchen size, type of remodel, quality of material. For example if you only want to upgrade kitchen lights then this kind of kitchen modification while cost you less compare to changing countertop or kitchen cabinets

What Could Be The Cheapest Kitchen Renovation Option?

Changing kitchen lights, ceiling and painting the walls could be the cheapest and the most impactful way to give a new look to kitchen.

How Much Kitchen Cabinet Replacement Costs?

Kitchen cabinet replacement can be expensive way to renovate your kitchen but you can give new look to your kitchen cabinets by wrapping it with vinyl wraps or painting them.