kitchen renovation in dubai

Tips to Renovate Your Kitchen in Dubai

Are you looking for unique kitchen renovation ideas? Whether for cooking big meals or hosting a gala party, the kitchen is the most gathered-in space in a modern house. We meet there for baking sessions, birthday celebrations and also for a morning cup of coffee—all the more reasons to make this well-visited space its best version yet.

When it comes to renovation, we, at Primex, prioritize our customers’ needs and focus on a beautiful and functional design for this space. From finding out the perfect combination of lighting to ensuring you have plenty of seating and storage; it is vital to identify the must-haves on your list before initiating the revamping task. Today, we share a few incredible lesser-known design tips to keep in mind while going for kitchen renovation in Dubai

Turn up the lighting

The light-tinted flooring of the kitchen is never going to be deemed as outdated. It is because it adds to the airy and modern ambience of the cooking space and will not visually hide the designs of your kitchen cabinets.

You may also wish the countertops to be conveniently illuminated as the kitchen is first and foremost a working zone and that is where under-cabinet lighting is sure to make the difference. These fixtures will make your food preparation as well as cleaning so much easier on eyes which is why it is called task lighting. Make sure you install this task lighting near the cabinet front or else the light will highlight your wall or backsplash and not the counter.

Hide the dishwashers

It is up to you whether or not you wish to hide a refrigerator with paneling; sometimes those stainless steel surfaces may complement the rest of the design of your cooking space. However, flaunting a dishwasher is not desirable. We believe that your kitchen needs to display a cleaner and harmonious look, especially if your refrigerator has a bright and shiny color.

Add a splash of color

Although the ubiquitous white kitchen is in style, we prefer incorporating more and more color to this space of your house. Look at the eye-catching wallpaper or even paint all the cabinetry in your favorite color. We also recommend selecting a contrasting wooden finish for the kitchen island. There are a few new updated wood finishes that have contrasting grain that looks simple yet sophisticated.

Never forget the ceiling 

The ceiling is mostly overlooked but Primex’ experts have some ideas for bringing it to life. To keep the ceiling bright and well-lit up, we recommend it to paint it in a contrasting color to the walls or cabinets or as elaborate as adding up beams, wood planks or applied coffers.

Make room for proper ventilation

At times, the smell is quite appropriate for a kitchen like cake, freshly baked bread but there are occasions when you do not wish to pick up any bad smell while walking inside your cooking area. Proper ventilation helps to reduce this issue, most importantly; it is also your safety measure. So, consider your family’s health and safety by checking out if your kitchen has proper ventilation. Invest in a high-quality range hood with a powerful extractor. You can add one window or two to drive away any undesirable smell and at the same time welcome some brilliant sunshine and exterior views.

Make room for seating

Depending on the size and use of the kitchen, we also suggest having at least one or two stools at the island. This would give enough space for casual dining with family or even a perch for the visitors to sit down and chat while you prepare a delicious meal. Having a tight space but still have some room left for a table? Incorporate a banquette into the kitchen. This banquette can be under the window or in a corner or even be used as an artistic divider to separate an open kitchen from a living area.

Want a customized kitchen renovation plan? Need help in this matter? Just give us a call. We are here to serve you at our best. We have a team of skilled professionals who are sure to take your kitchen or home renovation in Dubai to the next level.