Renovation Costs in an Apartment in Dubai

Renovation Costs in an Apartment in Dubai

Renovation costs in an apartment in Dubai: how much does it cost to make a kitchen? Information for residents in Dubai and foreign investors. Choosing an apartment in Dubai.

Are you planning to change your kitchen, but you have not the slightest idea how much it will cost you? Or have you decided to buy a property from a developer in Dubai and are going to do repairs yourself? You are not alone in your question. Kitchen renovation costs can be unpredictable and can increase dramatically without proper planning and knowledge of requirements. That is why we have compiled this guide to provide you with the necessary information that will help you determine the cost of kitchen renovation in Dubai. Read on to find out all the details about what budget you will need to make your kitchen absolutely perfect.

Why renovate a kitchen in Dubai?

There are several reasons why the question of installing a kitchen may be for you, besides the need to make repairs in a newly commissioned house:

  • Get the house in proper shape if you have any plans to sell it.
  • Reduce energy costs: after you replace outdated equipment with new models.
  • Improve the functionality of the kitchen: new appliances are not only energy efficient but also “smarter” and more convenient.
  • Increase comfort and safety: a renovated and modern kitchen will better withstand wear and tear and will use space more efficiently.

Determining the cost of kitchen renovation in Dubai

When calculating the cost of kitchen renovation in Dubai, several factors can be quite important for you. The total cost will depend on the quality and quantity of materials, working hours, and any necessary structural changes. In addition, the community or neighborhood you live in can also affect the overall costs. It will also depend on the size of your space and your requirements. For example, the renovation of a traditional kitchen in Dubai can cost between AED 15,000 and AED 100,000. Residents of emirates such as Fujairah can expect a lower cost.

Here is a brief overview of the types of kitchens and potential repair costs.

Renovation of a small kitchen

It goes without saying that small kitchens can be repaired at relatively affordable prices compared to larger ones. If you want to reduce costs even further, you can keep the original floor and countertops and replace the back panel or cabinets.

How much does it cost to repair a small kitchen? Depending on the needs, the cost of repairing small kitchens in Dubai varies from AED 2,4000 to AED 6,800.

Decor such as vinyl wrap can turn a fancy kitchen into something spectacular. Fortunately, there are several interior decoration companies in Dubai, and they all do their job perfectly.

Modern kitchens

Modern kitchens are focused on aesthetics. Thus, such repairs will cost more than that of a low-budget kitchen. Although the modern kitchen is minimalistic, you may have to invest in the latest appliances to upgrade it. These can be top-level devices with sensors or other technological advances.

Major repairs may include a kitchen island, which can significantly increase the cost. With this in mind, you can pay approximately AED 4,800 to AED 11,500 for the renovation of a modern kitchen in Dubai.

Traditional kitchens

Traditional kitchens are characterized by natural materials, such as wood, and floors made of natural parquet boards. Think of painted parquet floors and tiles. Wood is also often painted in muted tones to make it look worn out and aged, creating a feeling of warm home comfort. Unlike modern minimalistic kitchens, traditional kitchen sets and dining areas are made with an emphasis on many small details.

The price for a traditional kitchen renovation can vary from AED 6,500 to AED 15,500 in Dubai. Your expenses will also depend on the degree of repair. On the other hand, you can also consider a modular kitchen.

Luxury Kitchen

The luxurious kitchen is designed with great attention to detail. Think of marble surfaces, high-quality appliances, and spacious kitchen islands. Thus, such a type of repair as this, for obvious reasons, will cost much more.

For a general impression, consider the cost of installing non-standard lockers. Customized products are perfect for a luxury kitchen. Unlike standard devices, they can be installed in any space and look as you wish. With this in mind, you can expect that the price of custom-made furniture will range from AED 380 to AED 2,700 for each unit. Considering this, the cost of repairing a luxury kitchen can vary from AED 18,500 to AED 29,800.

Should you buy a property with a ready-made kitchen in Dubai?

It is also common in Dubai to purchase real estate with repairs and a pre-installed kitchen set. Such apartments with the concept of “come and live” make life much easier for the owners. However, for many foreign investors, such acquisition is worrisome. Will the repair be of high quality? Will you then have to spend additional money on dismantling a poor-quality kitchen set and reinstalling it?

The UAE and Dubai are not like other countries for many reasons, including the high quality of construction and decoration. But if you are still in doubt, contact a trusted real estate agency to buy an apartment and find out from which developers it is best to pick up a future house.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to repair the kitchen?

Kitchen repairs in Dubai cost from AED 2,700 to AED 29,700. It depends on the type of repair you need, the price of materials, and personal preferences.

What is the cheapest way to repair the kitchen?

You can save a lot on kitchen repairs in Dubai if you make some reasonable changes yourself. One of the easiest ways is to replace plastic containers with glass or metal ones. They will make the room more luxurious and attractive. Choosing a single-color theme and other inexpensive upgrades for your kitchen can enhance the look of the space. And these are just some of the many ways to upgrade your kitchen in the UAE.

Do I need a permit to renovate a kitchen in Dubai?

You will not need to get permits for minor repairs, such as replacing a backsplash or lamps. However, you may need a permit if your renovation requires changing the layout. For example, if you need to move the plumbing to move the sink, you may need a permit. Moreover, some complexes have the same style as all apartments — you need to figure this out on a case-by-case basis. On average, the cost of a permit to repair a kitchen ranges from AED 116 to AED 350.

What types of kitchens can I choose?

You can choose an open or closed kitchen for your home in Dubai. Before making a decision, you should consider all the pros and cons of open and closed kitchens. For example, while an open kitchen gives you more room to move around, a closed kitchen is more private and intimate.

Choose an apartment in Dubai

This is the end of our guide to kitchen repair in Dubai. And if you need advice on buying a property, you want to find out whether to purchase an apartment with or without repairs, just go to the website Emirates. Estate. Contact the Emirates. Estate specialists and get a quick and competent consultation on your future home in Dubai!