Kitchen Renovation Cost in Dubai?

kitchen renovation cost in dubai

Are you planning to remodel your entire kitchen but have no idea what will it cost you? Well, kitchen remodeling costs depend on the type of renovation you want. A stunning, well-appointed kitchen attracts the attention of everyone. Upgrading the heart of your home can raise the value of your house. So, how do you determine and calculate the kitchen renovation cost in Dubai?

Considering kitchen renovation cost can be difficult, but the average kitchen remodels price per square foot is 100 AED to 250 AED. If you are a resident of Dubai and want to know the cost of kitchen renovation, this article is all about explaining the prices of a kitchen renovation.

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Different Types of Kitchen Remodeling Costs in Dubai

There are significant factors that matter to considering kitchen renovation costs in Dubai. The overall cost will revolve around the quality and quantity of the materials, the labor spending hours, and the intensity of demanding structural changes.

On the other hand, the living space also impacts total remodeling costs. There may be different prices for renovating a traditional kitchen in Dubai, and a luxury kitchen remodel. The first one may range from 15000 AED TO 100000 AED. This is not a final price of a kitchen renovation because the contractor also determines the size of your area and requirements to make a budget for your renovation project.

The kitchen remodels types are mentioned below to upgrade your cookery in Dubai.

  • Basic or Small Kitchen
  • Traditional Kitchen
  • Modern Kitchen
  • Luxury Kitchen

Small Kitchen Renovation

From renovating a small kitchen to extensive kitchen makeovers, there are significant ways to renovate your kitchen in Dubai, UAE. The renovation might be minor or practical; it depends on what you want to renovate in your kitchen. Some changes need heavy-duty labor, and that’s why they are costly rather than small changes in space.

How much will it cost to renovate a small size kitchen? The average cost of a small kitchen renovation Dubai is between AED 2000 to 5500 AED depending on the needs.

New Kitchen Costs are different from the old ones that need a check-up. We at Primex247, give importance to everyone for living comfy in the city.

Traditional Kitchen Renovation

Traditional kitchen remodeling is a part of the historic designs, including natural items. It may be wood and floor materials used in the remodeling process. To make your kitchen traditionally up to date, you should choose wood with muted colors to appear aged and backward-looking.

Traditional kitchen refurbishing costs in Dubai may vary, but the average price is 5000 AED to 12000 AED. The alternative to traditional kitchens is a modular kitchen. Read modular kitchen design for better price ideas.

Modern Kitchen Renovation

Renovating a modern kitchen costs in Dubai may range from AED 4000 to AED 10000. It depends on what you want in your kitchenette to make it stylish. The modern kitchen is more focused on aesthetics and refurbishment costs are higher than the economy kitchenette.

To change your area with the latest design and materials may cost more than you expect. If you want to install other top-rated accessories like sensors, it will cost 200 AED to 1000 AED. It is up to you what kind of products you need for your space, and the total renovation price will be charged concerning desired technologies or advancements.

Luxury Kitchen Renovation

Luxury kitchen renovation costs in Dubai may range from 15000 AED to 30000 AED. It will be a detailed remodeling process, including marble surfaces, top-quality appliances, and advanced technologies. So, it can cost more to make an Haute cooking area.

Custom appliances are also a factor in pricing and making your space outstanding with your needs. These customized accessories can be fitted easily anywhere in your area. On the other hand, you can choose bespoke facilities, but they will cost extra money according to the product’s value.

Average Kitchen Renovation Costs in Dubai by Feature

There are multiple factors to consider regarding the refurbishment cost of a kitchen. What kind of material and appliances do you want to install in a kitchen? What is the size of your kitchen?

Materials and Appliances

  • Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Sink
  • Electrical Work
  • Accessories
  • Tiling
  • Paint

Kitchen cabinets

Cabinets are a significant part of a furnished kitchen and are the most expensive part of a kitchen renovation. The cost of cabinets is estimated at 75 AED per square foot, which our experienced carpenters fabricate. The price mentioned is multiplied by the run length of the cabinets.

There are many types of cabinets, including partial overlay, full overlay, and inset. They may be included drawers and shuttered panels for lower and upper spaces in your cabinetry. The commercial kitchen uses a laminate finish for BWR (boiling water resistant).

Kitchen Countertops

Countertop making is an integral part of kitchen renovation. It can be made in several designs, including materials such as marble, granite, solid surface, quartz, and nano-white. The cost of a countertop depends on the design and size you need to install in your kitchen. The running feet will be charged with labor, and you can pay more to add extras.

In this process, you need to measure the length of the countertop toward the wall. The cost of materials such as granite and marble can differ because of design and quality. A general estimate for these utilities starts from $90 to $200 /square foot.


Kitchen renovation has many types, and tiling is one of the critical processes. It can be floor and wall tiles to give a new look to your interior and backsplash. To estimate the kitchen tiling cost, you must first calculate the space. When calculating the area, add 5-10 percent extra tiles for wastage and cutting purposes.

The average kitchen renovation cost for tiling is 10 (AED) United Arab Emirates Dirham per square foot is commonly charged for tiling the walls and floors, including labor and material costs. But it is recommended to call a professional contractor to visit your site before estimating.

Kitchen Sink Renovation

The cost of renovating a kitchen sink is 180 AED. The kitchen sink is mainly used when you are in this area. You can wash your dishes in a single sink. Today dual sinks and vegetable sinks are used in homes for soaking dishes and other purposes. There is a wide range of designs and materials for your kitchen sinks. The sinks must be adjusted well with quality plumbing equipment such as faucets, pipelines, and complete drainage. For this purpose, you can get Primex247 plumbing services in Dubai to fulfill your dreams with a fully furnished kitchen.

Electrical Work for Kitchen

It includes electrical work for lighting and other equipment usage purposes. The electrical work includes switchboards to wall points for every appliance you need to install in your kitchen. The kitchen renovation cost of wiring depends on the wires’ size but is generally charged 10 to 25 AED per foot.

The electrical services include overall fitting, but the cost will be charged for installing the fan, LED strip, lighting, and plug or socket points. Our electrician team is well-trained to do their jobs professionally. You can get a free quote for your kitchen renovation or electrical work.

Accessories for Kitchen

Kitchen accessories are one of the essential parts of a kitchen renovation. There are two types of kitchen accessories, one is called modular, and the other is known as conventional. Both types are suitable for a kitchen; you can choose as you wish or discuss with your contractor to install them in your house.

After selecting, you can get the actual costs of the accessories from their brands and outlets. The popular accessories for your kitchen include cutlery organizers, a bottle pull-out, a tall unit, a corner unit, pull-out baskets, etc.

Kitchen Wrapping

If you cannot afford complete kitchen renovation & refurbishment, you can restyle your space. The kitchen doors and cabinets makeover can cost you more, but the minor can be a cost-effective way to do it. Redesigned your targeted areas with vinyl wrapping to give them a new look.

Kitchen Wrapping Cost

Kitchen wrapping in Dubai costs 15000 AED to 3000 AED for homeowners to replace the cookery area, including doors, cabinet refacing, and labor. The cost is commonly for middle-sized kitchens; you can get a quote for your renovation area.

Paint for Kitchen

Painting is as essential as you wear clothes for your body. After clearing the kitchen cabinets and tiles, the walls and ceiling must be painted with durable paint. The final touch needs to give your kitchen a new and colorful look with suitable colors of emulsion paint.

The painting cost in Dubai for a kitchen or interior home is $2 per square foot. It will include labor and material costs.

Consider Hiring a Professional Kitchen Remodel Contractor

If you live in an apartment and want to hire a professional kitchen renovation contractor, your search for this project ends here. You got a chance to rebuild your kitchen as a new one at affordable prices that you have never seen before in the town. ‘’ We will make your house a dream home.’’

Call a Kitchen Renovation Expert

Our consultation team is always ready to hear you and provide a better solution to you for a modular kitchen. If you are confused about your kitchen remodeling designs, to avail of fit-out services in Dubai.

The calculation for Kitchen Remodeling Per Square Foot

If you want to calculate the cost of your kitchen makeover, you can use the per square foot method by measuring the size of your space. Renovating a kitchen has significant problems to doing it yourself; you can only take an idea and get an estimate of the price.

Kitchen Remodel Cost Estimator and Calculator

The kitchen redo cost estimator and calculator will help you get the rebuild estimate. In this case, you need to put your house value. For example, if your home costs 500000 AED, you can spend 10% on your kitchen.

Kitchen renovation cost also depends on the scale of the project.

  • Average Cost
  • Highest Cost
  • Lowest Cost

A calculator for kitchen renovation costs in Dubai can give you an estimate for your makeover projects. If you feel you can’t do it yourself, consult the Primex247  home renovation contractors’ team to get a free quote about the kitchen, including remodeling labor costs.

What does it cost most to Renovate a Kitchen?

Usually, kitchen cabinets and interior design cost the most to renovate a kitchen but here are significant factors that matter. If you want to make your kitchen luxurious, it may cost high, and if there is a need to redesign a simple kitchen, you can do it on a low budget.

Factors in Calculating Kitchen Remodel Cost

Size of Kitchens

The renovation cost depends on the scale and size of a kitchen. It may be midrange or upscale remodeling. Here are the factors in calculating kitchen remodeling costs.

  • Medium-sized kitchens
  • Middle Kitchen Renovation
  • Modern or Large

If you want to renovate a modern kitchen in Dubai or need a small kitchen refurbishment, Primex247 is here to help you.


How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Small Kitchen in Dubai?

In Dubai, UAE, the standard cost of a small kitchen renovation is between AED 35K and AED50K. Calculating the price of a basic kitchen remodel is not a difficult task for you. You can use the Dubai renovation cost calculator to do it yourself.

How Much Should a 10×10 Kitchen Remodel Cost?

A 10×10 kitchen remodels cost in Dubai is 5000 to 10000 AED or 250 to 500 AED per square foot. Some homeowners spent more money on renovating a kitchen in Dubai. It depends on you how much you want to spend in your space.

How Long Does a Small Kitchen Renovation Take?

Typically, a kitchen renovation will take three weeks to four months to finish. It depends on the requirements and size of your kitchen to renovate as you wish.

Why is My Kitchen Cabinet Peeling?

Your kitchen cabinet is peeling because of water damage, high humidity, and poor paint. The sink and stovetop are also reasons to make your area dull.

What type of Kitchens Should I Consider?

Usually, there are two types of kitchens used by homeowners in Dubai. The one is called an open kitchen, and the second is a closed kitchen. Before choosing a kitchen design, you should learn about the pros and cons of open and closed kitchens. Keep an eye on the structure of your building and select the best layout for your interior kitchen design that will match your needs. Open kitchens are most likely for a wide range of areas, and closed kitchens are best for privacy in a home.

Does Kitchen Renovation in Dubai require a permit?

You will need a permit to renovate your kitchen in Dubai when you want to change the interior design or layout that is already existing. If you wish to renovate minor kitchen designs, this process will not require any permit. The average cost of a kitchen remodeling permit is between AED 110 to AED 300.

What Is the Cheapest Way To Renovate A Kitchen?

The cheapest way to renovate a kitchen is to DIY some minor things in the space. Change the old and plastic accessories like containers for your cooking area with new glass material that will look more beautiful.

Kitchen renovation costs in Dubai can go unpredictable without planning or knowing anything about remodeling. Hiring a professional kitchen remodeling company in Dubai can protect the final quality of the product. Primex247 is offering home renovation services and our remodel designers that can change skyrocket the value of your kitchen.