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Effective Tactics to Sell your Land Listing Fast

Sometimes getting your land listing sold will take months or years. This unfortunate situation is especially true when the real estate market is on the downturn or swinging into a buyer’s market. Don’t lose hope, though, for there are ways to make your land listing appealing and sell it quickly.

All you have to do is to expand your knowledge on selling lands and do the work to get a successful land sale. If you’re up to the task, follow these tactics to sell your property listing fast.

Work with an Agent Who Specializes in Land Selling

It’s crucial to have a real estate agent who has experience and knowledge in selling vacant lands. There’s a difference between selling vacant lots and selling homes, and for you to get prepared for the challenges along the way, hiring a pro can be a huge help.

Your agent can give you ample information on the real estate market and the strategies on how to sell your property. Working with a real estate professional is also one of the ways to achieve a quick land sale.

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Set a Reasonable Price

When deciding to sell land, you should keep in mind that buyers will always look for the best deal. Make sure to check out listings in your locality and look for comps that are selling. In this way, you’ll have an idea of setting a competitive price on your property.

You have higher chances to make a successful sale if you price your property lower than the properties that are selling in your area. A lot of motivated land buyers will pay cash since getting financing for a land purchase is hard to acquire. It would help if you gave them a property price that’s worthy of their hard-earned money.

When you know how to price the land you’re selling competitively, potential buyers will think that they shouldn’t let this opportunity to buy a well-priced property slip. As such, they will seal the deal fast.

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Give Potential Buyers the Right Information

Providing people the necessary information about the property you’re selling prompts them to make a decision. So, it’s crucial to include the essential details in your presentation and listing. Your prospective buyer won’t have to do all the searching for information about the land, which only draws out the land sale process.

Visit the county office to ask for important information about the land. Once you get the necessary info, tell your potential buyers about it to instill confidence that this property is suitable.

Specifically, get the information on land use, zoning, boundaries, soil condition, and what-not. A lot of land buyers want to get informed on the viability of the land for development.

Make the Land Stand Out in the Listing

Newbie sellers of vacant lands often find it challenging to make their properties stand out in online listings. Unlike with houses that are more visually appealing and can easily evoke a sense of place to the buyers, vacant lots require you to be creative when it comes to how you market them.

Create an excellent first impression by including professional photos of the property in your listing. Make sure to highlight the great views, features, and amenities to attract potential buyers. It’s also a big help to the buyers if you show them the maps and surveys of the land you’re selling.

Moreover, it’s crucial to offer viewing visits to motivated buyers. Before you allow viewers into your vacant land, you should clean it up and cut the tall grass and weeds. Make the property as presentable as possible.

Boost the Visibility of Your Land Listing

You’re selling land, and it’s essential that you reach out to as many potential buyers as possible. One excellent way to market your vacant land is to use a multiple listing service, and you should choose an MLS that targets land buyers. You can also take advantage of the power of social media by using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. as tools to gain exposure.

Email is also a big help in marketing your property. For example, you can email people on your contact list about the vacant lot you’re selling. Don’t forget to craft an exciting subject line to boost your email open rate.

Talk with the Neighbors

Another great strategy when selling land is to talk to nearby property owners. Maybe they’re interested in purchasing your vacant lot to expand their property holdings. Most people find it beneficial to own properties that are proximate to each other. So, don’t forget to tell your neighbors that you’re selling your vacant land.


Land sellers will surely want to sell their properties fast. But it takes some knowledge and effort for you to achieve that. If you’re selling a vacant lot, follow the tips mentioned in this blog article.

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