Villa Painting Dubai, Ideas and Tips

Since 1930 and four generations later, our family has been in the Painting and decorating industry. We are not only leaders in Painting and adorning; we are also leaders in manufacturing TOWER painting tools. We pride ourselves on quality and customer satisfaction and have grown to be a significant company taking projects in Canada, UAE, Lebanon, and Oman. We are known in the market for the best villa painting Dubai.

Below are 8 tips describing why we are the most reliable villa painting service in Dubai:

  • Examine and wipe the surface thoroughly.

    We ensure that you get a quality and well-polished paint job. If we paint on a dirty surface, the new coat will only pull the old paint and peel. Moreover, the color will not change quickly bond with the dirty wall/ceiling. We also check the surface for any cracks, flaking, and peeling. Then, thoroughly sand or scrape it before rinsing the surface.

  • Use Quality Products

    We use high-quality products. Aside from a long-lasting result, it will also make your work quicker, easier, and more professional-looking.

  • Cover furniture and flooring

    There tends to be a lot of furniture that comes in the way, so we move the small items. However, at times we cover the large furniture with a sheet to avoid any spillage of paint or anything which can damage it.

  • Tinted paint to use as a benefit

    Instead of a standard white primer, we opt for a tinted primer. You might think, why? It does a better job of shielding the existing paint color than the plain white primer. The finish coat will also be more vibrant, resulting in thinner coats. Using a tinted primer is best, with existing colors like red or orange requiring three or more coats without a primer.

  • Do one job at a time.

    This is basically when doing one area, do not move to another place – Finish one wall before moving to the next one. We don’t rush when painting walls, and this gives off a seamless look overall.

  • Taping the windows is a big no-no.

    We are working with trained professionals. We do not tape the windows since the paint will still ooze through. It’s best to let it be, and once the paint dries, we scrape the paint off the glass window with a blade.

  • Washing rollers is vital.

    As mentioned earlier, at bricks and pillars, we use high-end products. However, this does not mean that we do not wash them as that is essential to do before using them. It helps remove fuzz and textures that can stick to walls while painting. Our method is simple; we place them under running water with a little bit of liquid soap. Move hands up and down the rollers to remove fibers. Professionals call this process preconditioning the covers. The best part is we don’t have to wait for them to dry; we can use them immediately

  • The direction of paint is essential

    We make sure that we are only doing paint in one way, from top to bottom. Why is this done? This is done to avoid any drips and spatters.